UBL By-Laws



1. NAME:

  • Ultimate Basketball League (UBL)

2. AIM:

  • The UBL is a competitive, safe, family friendly summer league concept conducted by an independent basketball body.
  • It is designed to attract fans as well as quality players, coaches, referees and officials
  • It is a flexible elite competition that will provide a talent identification pathway and will encourage development players (under 25) to participate and compete with more experienced, mature quality players and teams.
  • Elite competition for juniors


  • Experienced referees, coaches, managers,
  • Bench staff and statisticians
  • Live stream for featured games
  • Video games uploaded promptly
  • Court announcers for featured games
  • Floor wipers
  • Half time competitions as available
  • Game commentary for featured games
  • DJ & entertainment
  • Photographer
  • Photo gallery of your team
  • Live updates on social networking
  • Players, team officials, referees and special guests will be introduced to the fans
  • Bonus rewards for performance achievements e.g. triple double at the discretion of the Executive
  • Results updated on completion of the games


  • Teams/players will be independent but may be drawn from geographical regions. A draft may be conducted at the discretion of the UBL.
  • Team rosters will be advised prior to the commencement of the season.


  • Uniforms may be supplied on condition that a Sponsor is secured by the UBL.
  • Teams may provide their own uniforms after consultation with the UBL.
  • All uniforms must have the UBL logo and or sponsors logo added to uniforms as determined by the UBL


  • As this is an independent league no clearances are required to nominate or leave the competition.
  • Player interchange or transfer between teams after the competition has commenced is not permitted except where the permission of the UBL is received.


  • For the purposes of insurance all players must be registered with the UBL.
  • Photo I.D. is required for registration.
  • Teams may register as many players as they wish but will only be able to play any ten players in any game.
  • Exception is where teams nominate development players in which case two development plus the ten players may play in any one game. (A development player is one who is NOT part of the first five or first round of substitutions and is NOT subject to major minutes of court time).
  • Registration will be set by the UBL and will be for one season only.

8. FEES:

  • All fees will be set by the UBL
  • All teams and players must be financial to participate in the finals series
  • Players failing to meet their financial commitments to the League or participating teams will not be able to re-enter until the commitment is cleared.
  • Uniforms and registrations must be paid prior to taking the court


  • The games will be scheduled by the UBL and will be played at a central venue or other venues according to availability. Games will be mainly played on Saturdays except the UBL draw and/or venues need to be accommodated.


  • Games will be played according to F.I.B.A. rules except in the following situations:
    1. Points allocation
    2. No directional arrow – jump balls will be played.
  • Spalding will be the official match ball.
  • Timing of games: Each game shall consist of 4×10 minute quarters
  • Teams on equal scores at full time will play an extra period/s until a result is achieved. Each extra period shall be five minutes.
  • A player is deemed to have played if they are dressed and ready to play and their name is on the scoresheet prior to the commencement of the game.
  • Each player will be allowed five fouls per game. After the fifth foul that player will not be allowed to continue in the game.
  • Point scores will be awarded as follows:
  • 3 points for win
  • 1 point for loss
  • -3 points for a forfeit
  • 0 points for a bye


  • A player must have participated in 33% of the games to be eligible for finals.
  • When calculating a player’s games played and where the number is not a whole number the number will be rounded up to the next whole number e.g. 29.1 goes to 30.
  • Format for semi-finals 1v4, 2v3.
  • Winners to play the final
  • The UBL reserve the right to alter the above format should there be two teams be of outstanding quality.
  • The UBL will also consider two equal pools of four teams with two finals formats being played according to the number of teams entered.
  • In the event of the format for finals being altered the UBL will decide the allocation of prize money.
  • Injured/sick players have the option of applying to the UBL for an injury waiver.

(a) The injury waiver may be granted provided that the injury/sick player has missed games and the UBL has been notified.

(b) Medical certification of the extent and term of the injury/illness is supplied by a Certified practitioner or sports medicine specialist. Additional medical certification and written notice must be provided to state the player is medically fit to resume participation after the minimum (1) game stand out.

(c) The injury waiver must be lodged to the UBL by no later than two (2) weeks after the injury/illness has been sustained.


  • Zero tolerance rule will prevail.
  • Players/team officials who incur a warning and two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and must leave the court area immediately.
  • Should the referees wish to take the matter further then the breach will be handled by the UBL appointed administrative committee or tribunal.
  • A cumulative points system will apply to ensure that players/officials continually breaching rules will be penalised and/or removed from the competition.


  • The referee and official fees will be set and paid by the UBL.


  • Prize money will be set by the UBL taking into consideration sponsorship received.

(N.B. Young Guns and Junior competitions will not be eligible for prize money)


  • A Tribunal/Administrative Committee (if necessary) will be appointed by the UBL.

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